Friday, March 16, 2012

Facebook vs. Google in Latin America. Strike 2!

March 15, 2012 | by Ricardo Geromel

Facebook has adopted a very aggressive strategy to gain market share in Latin America. In February 2011, the social network hired Alexandre Hohagen,Google’s main executive in Brazil at that time. Six months later, in August 2011, Facebook surpassed Orkut, owned by Google, in numbers of users for the first time in Brazil. This week, Facebook has announced it will open a new office in Buenos Aires. The CEO will be Alexander Zuzenberg, former commercial director of Google Argentina. 

Zuzenberg is joining Facebook this month. The local press could make an analogy to soccer to explain what Facebook move means. Zuzenberg leaving Google to Facebook would be somehow similar to Lionel Messimoving from Barcelona FC to Real Madrid FC. (If you don’t like this analogy, forgive me, go to the end of the post, oh! and enjoy the picture posted). 

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