Monday, July 25, 2011

48 Essential LinkedIn Tips Your Teachers Won’t Tell You

LinkedIn is a great tool for college students, whether they’re freshmen or getting ready to head out and start a career. Many professors are good about promoting the use of LinkedIn, but even the most web-savvy of them doesn’t know everything. We’ve collected 48 excellent LinkedIn tips that you should put to work for the future of your career.

1. Remember LinkedIn isn’t Facebook: LinkedIn is a professional website. It can be fun, but it should be professional, and so should your actions on LinkedIn.

2. You can set up job alerts: Set up alerts to get notified of recommended jobs, and you’ll see them on your profile as soon as you log in.

3. Even students need a LinkedIn: You may not be actively searching for a job now, but when the time comes around, it’s too late to start making a networking effort. Get started on LinkedIn now, and the connections will be there when you need them.

4. Write your profile for your future: Make a good impression by writing your profile with the future in mind.

5. It’s not enough to build your profile and walk away: Update often so your connections always know what’s going on with your professional life.

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