Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Reasons Twitter Has Become Intolerable

If you are a fan of Twitter, you already know the benefit of being able to communicate with all your followers from one single page. However, if you are like some out there, you may find that Twitter has really become intolerable, leaving many social networkers in search of a better scene online, many times migrating to sites like Facebook. Why has Twitter become so intolerable? Well, there are many people that either have found the new interface to be frustrating and simply stop using it, while others may have grown tired of the infamous celebrity feuds that continue to litter the network. If you are interested in finding out just why the network is no longer all the rage then here are 10 reasons Twitter has become intolerable:

  1. Updates on Irrelevant Thoughts. ‘KimFields84 is thinking of a stupid song’. If you are like many, this is just so irrelevant it just doesn’t matter to anyone, and has no purpose for being on anyone’s page. Why anyone cares is not only the issue, it’s why anyone would even put this posting up, which is most of what you see on Twitter.
  2. Fake Celebrities. If you are looking for a celebrity, talking to some Joe Nobody isn’t the most thrilling experience. Unfortunately, when it comes to Twitter you will find more fake celebrity accounts than with any other social network, often leading fans to the wrong locations and following the wrong person, which has become one of the most intolerable aspects of Twitter.
  3. No Real Communication. Yeah, Twitter is great for finding updates about people, but who cares? There is no real communication found within Twitter, as many people aren’t even aware of whether or not the message is going to be seen. Not to mention, you have to search through a list format for the messages you do have.

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