Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latinos and Teens: Cracking the Social Media Codes

By Cynthia Boris, Marketing Pilgrim

If I say “Pudding!” to my closest friends, they’ll crack up laughing because they know exactly what I mean. It’s an in-joke, a kind of secret language that defines us as a group. Widen that circle to my fandom friends and we truly have a language all our own. A language we use so commonly that we often forget that outsiders can’t figure out what we’re talking about. Then again, maybe that’s part of why we developed the language in the first place, so we can talk in front of the whole world but only those clued-in will know the truth.

Teens have a language all their own and they’re taking it to new heights through social media. According to an article in MediaShift, teens have developed their own form of “social coding” that allows them to be public while still keeping their conversations private. From the type of profile picture you use, to which brands you follow, there’s a hidden message in everything teens say or do.

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