Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Do You Retweet?

A friend passed a URL along to me this week with a research piece done by a Microsoft team last year on the science of retweeting. The trio of authors, Danah Boyd, Scott Golder and Gilad Lotan looked at 720,000 tweets over a six-month period and found that only 3% of the tweets "are likely to be retweets." The ambiguity comes from the way in which people retweet information--not all people preserve the original content, and the original authorship may or may not be present. Since I am one of the three percent, I enjoyed looking at the "why people retweet" section of the study. Why do you retweet? Maybe you'll see yourself in one of these groups:

1. To amplify or spread tweets to new audiences.
I don't do this as much as #2, but I do like to help spread good information I think is relevant to followers.

2. To entertain or inform a specific audience, or as an act of curation.
Curator should probably be my middle name. That is the second biggest reason I am on Twitter. The first? To grab all the new, good info I can find to get better at what I do. I am addicted to good information.

3. To comment on someone's tweet by retweeting and adding new content, often to begin a conversation.
I think this is directly related to #4 and I engage in this practice as well.

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