Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How is Social Media Changing Marketing?

Where is social media taking the world to? As the universe of social media continues to gain influence amongst the populace in this age of uncharted technical revolution, the question as to how the dynamics of real time communication are affecting our lives is only understood in a very limited sense due to the small window of context. As our natural social need for interaction begins to spill into the digital realm some interesting effects have begun to transpire whether intended or unintended, positive or negative.

The raw profusion and abundance of consumer data available as a result of the unbridled growth and usage of Social Media (SM) networks by people all around the world has instigated opportunities in the world of business and marketing that were almost unimagined by many of previous generations. Who would have thought fifteen years ago that “Google” or “Youtube” would be such a widely used verb?

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