Monday, July 12, 2010

Email: Social Media's Fraternal Twin?

While writing up a social media recommendation the other day for a client, it struck me that although the terminology might be slightly different in email marketing, the same set of rules apply to both disciplines. I wanted to share a few of our media core tenets because I believe they can positively impact how we view the names in our email customer database, and how we utilize the channel. Social media and email marketing may not be identical twins -- but could they be fraternal? See what you think!

Social media is part of a wider strategy, not a strategy in itself. Just like the other elements of your marketing plan, strategies must be tied to your audience's needs, passions and interests and be rooted in the core values of your company.

Marketers often silo social media and email marketing apart from the overall marketing efforts. But these activities must work together. They need to align with the overall marketing plan in order for the efforts to be successful. That means not only collaboration within the program elements, but also with the actual team of people that support it.

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