Friday, June 25, 2010

Online Publishers Turn To Facebook

by Lee Vann

In my previous post I challenged marketers to engage with Hispanics through social media. Since that time, many marketers have done just that, but what is most interesting to me is how Hispanic online publishers have suddenly planted flags on Facebook.
If you can't beat them, join them

According to comScore Media Metrics, Facebook is now the fourth-most-popular website among Hispanics and growing. Facebook reaches close to 10.55 million Hispanics per month, nearly 45% of all online Hispanics. This massive Hispanic audience coupled with Facebook's free social media platform represents the best place to build a community of online Hispanics. Instead of building and maintaining social networks of their own, it seems that Hispanic publishers have figured out that it makes more sense to build communities on Facebook.

Incremental revenue for Hispanic publishers and for Facebook
Facebook is quickly becoming an important referrer of Internet traffic. By building large, engaged communities there, Hispanic publishers can generate incremental traffic to their websites which, in turn, will boost revenues. As these communities become more significant, look for Hispanic online publishers to monetize them directly by integrating advertisers into their Facebook pages. Although good for Hispanic publishers, at the end of the day this trend is best for Facebook. As Hispanic publishers build communities on Facebook, it gets more registered users and more monetizable advertising inventory at no cost.

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