Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quepasa Corporation CEO John Abbott Interviewed on "The Real Story" Podcast on TheStreet.com

Quepasa Corporation (OTCBB: QPSA), one of the world's fastest-growing Latino social networks, was recently featured in a podcast on TheStreet.com. John Abbott, CEO of Quepasa, joined a discussion of the popular Hispanic social website with Gregg Greenberg, host of "The Real Story." The podcast was made available after market on Friday, December 18, 2009 and can be downloaded at the following link: http://www.thestreet.com/podcasts/real-story.html

Abbott shared with "The Real Story" subscribers how Quepasa has grown its member base to 7 million, and is now adding, on average, 1 million new subscribers per month. He also detailed some of the site's recent successes, including the decision by institutions such as the Mexican Tourism Board to utilize Quepasa's DSM platform. The platform, which launched this year, is a viral ad product that allows advertisers and brands to target and distribute their marketing message across all social media sites. Abbott explained how these user-powered campaigns are extremely viral and create great word-of-mouth marketing for brands by motivating users to share content with friends and colleagues across all social media. As a result, brands are able to deliver a consistent message to a broad user base at the lowest equivalent cost per impression compared to other forms of advertising.

When discussing Quepasa's potential revenue, Abbott explained the new "Papacito" application which allows users to anonymously admire other users by adding them as their secret admirer. Each month the users with the most picks will be crowned the Quepasa "Papacito of the Month." To increase game play and extend functionality, more guesses per game will be available via both a la carte pricing and a monthly subscription fee payable via QDollars, the Quepasa premium virtual currency.

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