Friday, November 27, 2009

Where Brands Can Engage Customers in Twitter and Social Networks.

I read Brian Solis' post "On Twitter and Social Networks, Brands Benefit from Conversations," with interest. One, because he described some recent research on people recommending products within social networks, two Brian gives insights as to the meaning of this research, and three he suggests that the social web is much greater than a company's ability to converse and interact with consumers directly.

Brian Solis suggests there are some lessons learned from the research:

- Giving people value in the content that you provide on the web is a precursor to action.

- That value drives inbound marketing and social media optimization.

- I add search engine optimization here.

- Companies should understand the eco-system of how the social web works, and that appreciation will give clarity in where a company should place content and "social objects" within social networks to be found by audiences and influencers.

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