Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blogging: Hispanics & Private Brands? - from "MY private brand" by Christopher Durham

It is not often that I see Private Brands and Hispanics discussed in the media so it is with great interest that I read this article by the Editor-In-Chief of Supermarket News, David Orgel. He boldly and correctly solves the Hispanic marketing question with one simple statement: “You really need to know your customer.”

Busting the Private-Label Myth About Hispanics

When retailers discuss Hispanic marketing best practices, they inevitably raise a number of points that haven’t changed much over time.

They say things like, “Don’t assume all Hispanics have the same buying behaviors,” and, “Make sure to focus on fresh and authentic products.”

All of these points still hold true, but at least one often-raised observation may be worth rethinking. Retailers have long assumed that Hispanics are so brand loyal that they are least likely to seek alternate choices, especially private label. But now cracks are forming in that assumption, and retailers see openings to attract Hispanics to store brands. This development may also have significance beyond the Hispanic sector.

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Louis Pagan said...

Very true; thanks for this article.

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