Monday, November 23, 2015

Black and Hispanic Voters Believe Social Media Aids Political Discussion, Awarenes

In a survey by Yahoo! News, 5,188 registered voters weighed in with their thoughts on how social media impacts our perspectives on politics and activism. Yahoo plans to delve deep into the results of their survey tomorrow at the Digital Democracy conference, which will be live-streamed, but for the moment, here are the numbers: 74% of black respondents and 73% of Hispanic respondents said that they believe social media has “made political discussion more representative of what Americans really think.” The percentage of white and Asian respondents who agreed with that are a little lower, at 60% and 69% respectively.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Increasing Audience Engagement Key Objective in Social Media Marketing

Marketers are constantly ramping up their social media marketing skills to not only drive brand awareness, but more importantly, increase audience engagement.

An October 2015 study by Ascend2 asked 294 marketing, sales and business professionals worldwide what their most important social media marketing strategy objectives were. Almost two-thirds of respondents said that increasing audience engagement was crucial. Other intentions included increasing brand awareness, lead generation and website traffic.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Marketing CPGs on Facebook: Millennials, U.S. Hispanics and Light TV Viewers

What are the traits of the average buyer of consumer packaged goods, and how are they discovering the products they purchase? Facebook IQ teamed up with Nielsen to find out.

The three major shifts discovered by Facebook IQ and Nielsen were:

Generational: In 2015, for the first time, more millennials are parents than not.
Cultural: The U.S. Hispanic population is seen skyrocketing from 55 million in 2014 to 119 million in 2060.
Behavioral: Light TV viewers now make up 65 percent of the television-viewing population.

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The U.S. Is Losing the Social Media War

Our adversaries are using our own technology against us—while we're not allowed to use it to defend ourselves

Cyber or information-environment security is often in the news, yet most of our focus has been on theft of intellectual property, denial of service attacks, and assaults on personal privacy. Far less attention has been paid to the ways social media have facilitated a level of propaganda and falsehoods, which is far more pernicious than anything previously experienced. The continuous assault on objective, truthful information threatens to undermine democratic institutions, including a free press.

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Report: 65% of Adults Now Use Social Media (From 7% in 2005)

In a bit of news from the shouldn't-surprise-anyone department, a lot of people use social media. (That's kind of why it has that name—social media.)

What might come as more of a surprise is just how many people use social media and who, exactly, they are. To that, the Pew Research Center analyzed 27 different national surveys it has conducted between 2005 and 2015 (excluding 2007, for whatever reason). In doing so, the organization found that just around 65 percent or so of all adults use social media right now. And that number has jumped from a very, very meager seven percent back in 2005.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

11 most memorable social media marketing successes of 2015

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are still the go-to social media channels for the majority of digital marketers, but in the past year or two, many brands turned to younger social networks to experiment with edgy, funny and, some say, more interesting campaigns. Companies such as GoPro, Nordstrom and Spotify made big impressions on Instagram, while some unlikely names — Hillary Clinton and Taco Bell, for example — gained followers on popular "disappearing video" service Snapchat.

We asked social media experts to weigh in on their favorite social marketing posts or campaigns from the past year. The following examples — including a skateboarding feline— show what's possible when brands use Instagram, Vine, Periscope, or Snapchat to creatively engage their audiences.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

NUEVA YORK, 16 de septiembre de 2015  -- Una nueva investigación de MILA Research and Advisory (MILA), una compañía de investigación de mercado centrada en el mercado empresarial 
latino, revela:

  • características de mercado de empresas latinas digitales (por ejemplo, uso del idioma, población hispana por código postal, enfoque del mercado, sector industrial y región estadounidense),
  • servicios digitales que estas usan en todas las características del mercado (por ejemplo, servicios de medios sociales, registro de dominios, videos en línea, y comercio electrónico), y
  • oportunidades de mercado para que los proveedores de servicios digitales sirvan al mercado latino.

El crecimiento rápido de los negocios latinos en los Estados Unidos es bien documentado por organizaciones públicas y privadas, tales como la Fundación Ewing Marion Kauffmann (@KauffmanFDN), la Administración Estadounidense para la Pequeña Empresa (@SBAgov), y la Agencia de Desarrollo de Empresas de Minorías (@USMBDA). Comprender las capacidades digitales de estas empresas e identificar oportunidades en el mercado empresarial latino es crítico para las compañías digitales, y para el crecimiento de las empresas latinas.

La Dra. Jennifer M. Cordero, fundadora y CEO de MILA (@MILAResearch), explica: "Las compañías de medios sociales, registro de dominios, videos en línea y comercio electrónico quieren servir al mercado empresarial latino. 

Los líderes de estas compañías necesitan valerse de la inteligencia de mercado sobre los servicios digitales que las empresas latinas utilizan para servir mejor a este creciente mercado".

@MILAResearch identifica las oportunidades para las compañías de las #redessociales, #registrodedominios, #videosenlínea, y #comercioelectrónico en el mercado latino. También hay oportunidades significativas para agencias del #mediosocial y companias que desarrollan soluciones de #estrategiadigital para el mercado latino.

@MILAResearch encuentra que solo el 46% de las empresas latinas digitales utilizan las #redessociales para conectarse con clientes y comercializar y vender en línea. @Facebook es el principal servicio de medios sociales entre las empresas latinas. Menos de un tercio de las empresas latinas utiliza @Twitter, @LinkedIn, @GooglePlus, o @Yelp para comercializar y vender en línea.
MILA señala también competición entre los registradores de dominios. Las compañías de #registrodedominios desempeñan una función crítica para ayudar a las empresas latinas a desarrollar estrategias digitales ofreciendo paquetes de productos digitales. @GoDaddy y @Webdotcom lideran la competencia en todas las características del mercado. Otros registradores de dominios, tales como @enom y @tucows, también controlan una cuota del mercado de empresas latinas digitales en los Estados Unidos.

Para más información sobre @MILAResearch, visite

Acerca de MILA: MILA proporciona inteligencia de mercado y servicios de asesoría para clientes que desarrollan estrategias de mercado para empresas latinas. MILA ( realiza rigurosos estudios de mercado sobre el mercado empresarial latino para identificar las oportunidades y desarrollar estrategias para clientes.

FUENTE  MILA Research and Advisory  

Lauren Conrad's #1 Rule for What Not to Do on Social Media

Lauren Conrad is not only a force in the fashion world (did you see her runway show last week?) but a social media maven, too. She boasts 4.4 million Instagram followers, 3.46 million Twitter followers, and almost one million followers on Pinterest. How does she keep her social presence so elevated and engaging? Well, as was highlighted in Adweek’s most recent cover story, Lauren follows one rule when it comes to social media etiquette: "If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother, it's probably not a good idea to post it online." What perfect advice—such a simple way to keep your presence sophisticated and on point.

What do you think? Do you follow Lauren's rule? What do you like to post on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you're feeling inspired, shop Lauren's new LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Black Rapper Azealia Banks Shows How Trump’s Message Resonates With Black Voters

As polls show Donald Trump performing better than ever with black voters, progressive rapper Azealia Banks is expressing support for Trump’s popular immigration policy because of the positive impact it could have on black Americans.

“Do you think it’s bad that I sort of agree with [Trump’s] stance on immigration?” the rapper wrote on her Instagram account on September 7th.

Banks, a black rapper from Harlem, made headlines in March of this year by declaring her hatred for “this country” and “white Americans.”

Banks explained that her support for Trump’s immigration plan is based on the detrimental impact mass immigration has had on the black community. “Black Americans still have not been paid reparations for slavery,” she wrote. “It’s selfish, but America has been really good at convincing me that everyone else’s problems are more important than my own.”

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Save at Least 2 Hours Per Week on Social-Media Marketing

Social-media marketing can be overwhelming for anyone, especially small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of pressure to be everywhere at once -- to be fully active on every social-media site out there.

Of course, this isn’t realistic. Social-media marketing takes time. Fortunately, there are several ways you can save significant amounts of time as you work to spread the word about your business. Here’s how to save at least two hours per week on your social-media-marketing efforts:

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Social Media Dominates Display Ads in Latin America

In Latin America, social media gets a lot of eyeballs—and the ads to match. The sites get among the best reach of all internet properties, and in major markets they represent by far the biggest display ad publishers.

According to comScore, more than half of all digital display ads served in Mexico in April 2015 were on social media sites. In Argentina, the figure was 42.1%, and in Brazil, 38.4% of digital display ads—still a plurality—were served by social media properties.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

If You’re Not Paying Attention to Your Influencers, You’re Burning Money

We sat down with Bill Karz of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (LATCB) to discuss the value of influencers, or fans whom have the power to affect the decision making process — bloggers, celebrities, politicians or even peers.

Should we pay for influence?
Some believe that influence should not be purchased, but rather earned. Without debating if an influencer should be paid for or not, our goal is to gain a better understanding of an individual piece of sponsored content’s value. In doing so, brands will be able to create return on investment (ROI) benchmarks associated with influencer marketing.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

3 ways to engage Hispanics online effectively and efficiently

Hispanics will account for more than half of the U.S. population growth by 2020 and 85 percent by 2050, comprising a market you no longer can neglect or ignore if you want to sustain growth in your company.

So says the Nielsen report, “The Multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumers.”
Further, digital plays an important role in engaging with this audience, offering you the chance to reach them effectively and efficiently. It also gives you the opportunity to be geo-targeted on your marketing efforts.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why Hispanic Teens Are Saving Google+

Google+ has long been the black sheep of the Google family, and the broader social media community for that matter. Even Google itself has acknowledged the network’s shortcomings, as former Googler Chris Messina candidly wrote how both he and Google had fudged up. Chris’s word choice was a bit more colorful. And then there was the departure of Google+ creator, Vic Gundotra, in April 2014 – arguably the most ominous sign for the social network’s future at the time. But while Google+ was undoubtedly mishandled early on, it does still possess promise for brands

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Friday, July 3, 2015

How to Use Linkedin Showcase Pages for Business

Are you looking for more ways to use LinkedIn for your business?

Have you considered showcase pages?

LinkedIn showcase pages enable you to promote certain products or services to specific customer segments.

In this article you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn showcase pages for your business.

What Are Showcase Pages?
Showcase pages are an extension of your LinkedIn company page and allow you to highlight a particular product line or brand. Although you need to have a company page to create showcase pages, they’re somewhat of a standalone feature. Each showcase page has its own followers, status updates and functionality, sort of like a mini LinkedIn company page.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lessons From 7 People Who Got Rich and Famous on Social Media

There are plenty of people that get their big break on social media. Some become well known and others strike it rich. There are also the lucky few who achieve both. It's not surprising when you consider the fact that when you have fame, money-making opportunities also begin presenting themselves.

However, it is amazing to think that sites and apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and others have the power to put the spotlight on talent across a variety of different disciplines. As you are about to see, though, success stories are in no short supply.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Which Paid Social Advertising Platforms Are Most Effective?

Social media marketing is rapidly evolving. In the early days, it was a fashionable yet risky strategy reserved only for cutting-edge businesses willing to step out on a ledge for a communicative advantage over the competition. In the years following, as more platforms became available, and the number of users exploded, social marketing was a “must-have” peripheral strategy for every business in the country—and because it was free, everyone wanted to be a part of it. Now, we’re turning the corner to a new era of social marketing: the era of paid advertising.

Social media platforms recognize the sheer power of the information they have access to, as well as the brand recognition and prominence necessary to take advantage of it. While several platforms offer more diverse ways of paying for targeted advertising, the platforms you choose will have a significant impact on your eventual outcomes, but with so many options available, it’s difficult to know which is best for your company.

You might ask yourself, “isn’t organic social marketing just as effective?” Well, using social media in a more conventional way—that is, as a communication platform to share content and updates from your brand is still free, and it’s still effective to some extent. With enough effort, you can easily build a large audience, gain more web traffic, and ultimately get more conversions. However, social platforms are starting to downplay the prominence of organic posts in favor of promoting their advertising plans—for example, for pages with more than 1 million likes, average organic post reach only amounted to 2.27 percent in April 2015.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Disney's powerful marketing force: social media moms

Wendy Wright is a home-schooling mother of two, a prolific blogger and a self-described "Disney Nut." Her cats are named Mickey and Minnie, and her blog is filled with advice for visiting Disneyland, tips for holding Disney-themed parties and reviews of Disney movies.

Wright's enthusiasm for all things Disney eventually drew the attention of the Walt Disney Co (DIS.N), which invited her to join a carefully vetted group of roughly 1,300 Disney Social Media Moms. The group of mothers - and a few fathers - are part of a Disney effort to incorporate the enthusiasm and influence of parents into its marketing efforts.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five reasons why social advertising beats search advertising

While traditional search ads have driven traffic and sales for more than a decade, social ads are starting to drive more long-term value, especially for marketers of lifestyle products, where emotion and inspiration, rather than ratings and reviews, are the keys to getting consumers to purchase.

In lifestyle categories like fashion and home decor, search ads are a challenging medium. It's difficult to trigger an emotional response to a product in that restricted ad format and users don't see search ads until they've decided what they want to buy

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Where Should B2B Spend on Social Advertising

Paid programmatic marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are hot topics right now for both B2B and B2C companies trying to take advantage of the massive boom in social media advertising. But B2B and B2C can be vastly different creatures in the ways they use social channels for advertising. 

Not only that, they are driven by different motives for their social ad campaigns. For consumer brands, widespread visibility and loyal viewership are key metrics that funnel all the way down to measurable conversions. However, in the B2B arena, the numbers are very different. The growth of just a couple of customers can mean millions in new revenue. This is why all those views, the shiny objects, and the vanity metrics may mean less for a B2B marketer.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Will Doom Your Business to Oblivion

A few years ago, social media was a new and unchartered territory.

However, when platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook gained a tremendous following almost overnight, businesses knew they had to follow suit in order to stay relevant.

Nowadays, an impressive 97% of businesses rely on social media to effectively connect with customers.

However, using the social media platforms to grow your business is not as simple as it may seem.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

8 LinkedIn Marketing Tips From the Experts

Want to improve your LinkedIn marketing?

Are you interested in the latest tips and tools?

LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for expanding your reach and improving your business results. We asked social media experts for their hottest LinkedIn tips.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

12 Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Business

Curious about how other small businesses are using social media to get more sales?

Wondering which platforms work best for small businesses?

Social Media Examiner’s seventh annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, a survey of 3,720 marketers, business owners and solopreneurs from the U.S. and overseas, reveals some trends gaining momentum, as well as some surprising stalls.

The majority of the study’s participants were either small business owners or marketers working for small businesses. Specifically:

37% of the survey’s respondents were involved with businesses involving 2 to 10 people
23%  were solopreneurs
82% were involved with businesses having 100 employees or fewer

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Monday, June 8, 2015

When using social media becomes socially destructive

If you're like most of the world, you make time for following friends on social media. In fact, 71% of adults who go online use Facebook and 23% use Twitter, according to the Pew Research Center. That isn't a bad thing at all. Positive posting and communication can be a real boost to your confidence and sense of connection to others.

It can be surprisingly easy, though, to unconsciously slip into less healthful behavior on social media, and that can lead to anxiety and depression.

Want to beat that "Facebook funk"? New research has identified which habits can lead to trouble and how to change your social media perspective to improve your mood and outlook.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

When, How and Where to Promote Your Content on Social Media

Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. I can’t do that. But sometimes I feel just as skilled when I can manage the multiple arms of content marketing.

The process requires so much: coming up with ideas, drafting concepts, editing to perfection, designing the visuals, publishing, promoting and measuring success.

Promotion is just one part of the process, but it’s a complex machine of its own. Learning when, how and where to promote on social media takes knowledge, skill and testing. Or, at the very least, a well-crafted article explaining things to you.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Don't Make These 3 Social Media Mistakes

The buzz about the importance of social media is at crazy levels.

It seems everyone is obsessed with the desire to build out a powerful social media platform and campaign.

Certainly social media marketing is important. But it sure ain’t new. For centuries word of mouth has been both the most effective and the cheapest way to get customers, and social media is just a digital version of word of mouth marketing.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

5 Strategies for Brands Playing Catch-up on Social-Media Marketing

The best marketers have an uncanny ability to reject conventional wisdom and still succeed. Their approach is often just crazy enough that it works, winning fans, friends and, most importantly, customers.

For brands that are new to social media, or have been hesitant to invest in it due to how crowded and competitive it has become, here are five unorthodox marketing strategies that will deliver the brand awareness and sales your business needs.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Viva Today: Latinos Are Making it Big in Social Media

The Today show kicked off its "Viva Today!" series on Sunday with an interview of three of the top Latinos online who are pulling in millions of viewers with their unique offerings in the digital space.

Featured were beauty maven Dulce Candy Ruiz, comedic video star LeLe Pons and bilingual chef Gus "El Guzii" Figueroa who has YouTube channels in English and Spanish.

Latinos are heavy users of digital and online tools, sometimes using some more than non-Hispanics, according to studies.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Millennials And Social Media: Engaging, Mobilizing, And Learning For Hiv Outreach

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 50,000 Americans are newly infected with HIV each year. Of those, one in four (26%) is 13-24 years old. In 2012, the highest rate of new diagnoses of HIV infection occurred among people aged 20–24 years. In response to these rates, government agencies, youth-focused community organizations, and youth advocates are finding innovative outreach methods to engage young people about their HIV risk.

Today we are spotlighting four initiatives that prioritize youth engagement and work to empower youth. Each initiative is leveraging social media tools to amplify youth voices, as well as to showcase the ways in which millennials are uniting in their efforts to create an AIDS-free generation.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Celebrating the legacy of Latino donors

(Paco Communications) — Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network celebrated the Hispanic with a series of events dedicated to honoring the contributions of Latino families to the area of organ donation and transplantation. Additionally, they strengthened their commitment to pave the way for a better future for Hispanics in Chicago through educational programs.

Gift of Hope kicked off the celebration with 30 Stories In 30 Days; a social media campaign to honor Hispanic families that have been impacted by organ donation and transplantation, and to bring them out of anonymity. Real life stories and testimonies were posted every day, from September 15 to October 15. Each story written in only 3 sentences can be viewed on Facebook and the complete stories can be found at

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Monday, November 3, 2014

'Alex from Target' becomes social media sensation in one day

The next Internet sensation could be at a Target near you.

Somehow a young teenage employee at the big-box store became the new big online meme after his picture began rapidly circulating all over social media.

The hashtag#AlexfromTargetwass one of the leading trends Monday afternoon on Twitter.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Report: Social Media Key to Obtaining the Latino Vote

Social networks, videos and Hollywood stars are the tools that different associations are using to entice the 15 million eligible young Latinos to cast their votes, since this is a group that tends to punch below its weight in legislative elections.
“Latinos are on the Internet, so we have to look for them where they are,” Yandary Zavala, communications project manager for Voto Latino, told Efe.

The United States is one of the few countries in the world where citizens have to register before being able to vote, instead of the government being responsible for drawing up a list of people who are eligible to vote.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Reaching Hispanic Viewers Takes Multi-Language, Multi-Platform Approach #HispanicTV

Programmers and distributors looking to reach Hispanic viewers will have to employ a multitude of strategies including providing multi-language and culturally-relevant programming on numerous distribution platforms to be successful, according to panelists speaking at Thursday’s Hispanic Tv Summit   

Linda Ong, president of brand consulting TruthCo said bi-culturals who identify themselves as equally Latino and American are key to reaching a majority of Hispanic viewers because of they are socially integrated with all types of people while still identifying with their Hispanic culture. From a social media perspective, bi-culturals are tweeting and talking about Hispanic programming in English, which also reaches a general market audience. 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Is ‘Big Data’ Actually Reinforcing Social Inequalities?

Sometimes it feels like we live in an era when information is finally becoming “free”—unlimited media access, the “quantified self” of twenty-four-hour wellness tracking, endless dating possibilities. But there’s nothing inherently progressive about Big Data, and all that data collection can actually bolster inequality and undermine personal privacy. A new report reveals that when Big Data creeps into our work and financial lives, civil rights may get severely squeezed.

The report, “Civil Rights, Big Data, and Our Algorithmic Future” by the think tank Robinson + Yu, confronts the challenges of an information landscape where knowledge can be oppressively overwhelming. While it’s true that Big Data—the amassing of huge amounts of statistical information on social and economic trends and human behavior—can be empowering for some, it’s often wielded as a tool of control.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#Yosoylacara - Building Hispanic Community Pride Through Social Media

HUNTING PARK (WPVI) -- The Latino community in Philadelphia represents a colorful tapestry of culture and pride from around the world. This Hispanic Heritage Month a community organization is working to build community pride by promoting a very popular trend - the selfie.

"#YoSoyLaCara", translated to English mean, "I am the face". It's a new campaign encouraging residents to promote Philadelphia Hispanic community pride by posting selfies via social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instragram with that hashtag. 

Danny Cortes, Executive Vice President of Esperanza, explains, "We believe in the power and the value of Latinos and the contributions they make to the city of Philadelphia, but specifically in our own community."

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Friday, September 19, 2014

LA Galaxy embrace Spanish-speaking fans with new social media accounts

CARSON, Calif. (Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014) – The LA Galaxy today launched the Twitter account @LAGalaxy_Es, the official Spanish-language handle of the LA Galaxy. The LA Galaxy also launched a Spanish-language news page at The Galaxy will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Night at StubHub Center this Saturday, Sept. 20 at 7:30 p.m. PT as the Galaxy takes on Western Conference rivals FC Dallas live on Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable Deportes.

The Spanish website portion will provide comprehensive on and off-field coverage of the LA Galaxy on the Galaxy’s website, Fans can interact socially on Twitter by following the handle @LAGalaxy_Es and using the official hashtag #VamosGalaxy.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Social Media Leads Small Biz Marketing Efforts

If there's one thing most small businesses have in common, it's their love of social media marketing, new research finds.

Small businesses rely more on social media marketing than on any other form of advertising, according to a study from local media and advertising research firm BIA/Kelsey. Specifically, nearly three-quarters of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are investing in some form of social media marketing.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Latino Investors Use Youtube and Twitter More Than Any Other American Investors

YouTube and Twitter have become established instruments in Hispanic investors' repertoire of communication skills and capabilities. Both social media channels receive more engagement from Hispanic investors than investors of any other ethnicity, confirming Hispanic Americans' love affair with social media.

Eighty percent of Latinos have social media accounts, surpassing the general population's 72 percent. Hispanics beat out non-Hispanics in the use of YouTube and Twitter for shopping, not to mention its use for personal, observational and professional purposes.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How The Top Brands Use Social Media for Marketing

Top brands receive high leverage from social media marketing and internet companies are getting highly interested on how they pull it off. By social media marketing, a brand or business is able to build its popularity by increasing its website presence and growing the number of its followers using the social media. 

There are many marketing tricks employed by many businesses in order to increase their website traffic and ranking by using the social media influence. Here’s how top brands are able to use social media for impressive marketing and profitable leverage.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Does It Matter That Rosie Perez Is The First Latina Co-Host Of 'The View'?

The View just made history in naming Rosie Perez as a new co-host of ABC's daytime chat show.

ABC revealed Wednesday that Perez would join former GOP strategist Nicolle Wallace, teaming with stars Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg when The View's new season debuts Sept. 15.

In hiring Perez, a Brooklyn-born daughter of Puerto Rican parents, ABC did something new: It named the first Latina as a regular co-host in The View's 17-year history.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hispanic Investors and Social Media

Hispanic Americans have developed a love affair with social media, according to data from the mainstream population as well as among affluent Hispanic investors.

Pew Research reports that 80 percent of all Hispanics in America have social media accounts, and that is a far greater reach than the 72 percent of all Americans. When it comes to shopping, Hispanics lead non-Hispanics in the use of Twitter and YouTube for shopping purposes.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Latinos, the customers of the future

Latinos play an important role in business and economic development in our society, with a purchasing power estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015.

The majority of the purchasing power lies with English-speaking second and third generations. This is reflected in industries from real estate to consumer goods over the last decade. Do not miss the mark on engaging the customer of the future.

With internet marketing and social media, business owners can reach consumers in faster and cheaper ways than ever before. The following are steps to help your business reach more consumers by building trust, and valuing Latinos as viable, business model worthy customers.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Latin American Investor Relations Agency, i-advize Corporate Communications, Relaunches Website and Social Media Channels

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--i-advize Corporate Communications, Inc. (“i-advize”), the world’s only investor relations agency focused on serving the Latin American markets, announced the launching of its new website design at and redesigned social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The new website features a fresh, updated look focused on the company’s main assets, its team of IR experts. Notably, the website is now available in English, Spanish and Portuguese to better serve its clients in the region. In addition, the company’s Earnings Calendar has been enhanced to include not only i-advize’s clients, but key peers as well, making it a valuable market resource.

Additionally, subscribe to i-advize’s Twitter handle to receive updates on client earnings, IR events and news: @iadvizeIR and follow us on our new Facebook page at /iadvizeIR. The company also relaunched its YouTube channel; subscribe here to view video content such as client media interviews, Investor Day video footage and marketing pieces.

Maria Barona, Co-Founder and Managing Director of i-advize, stated, “Our new website reflects the dynamic and energetic Latin American market we serve. We remain committed to being the investor relations agency of choice for this region and are honored to be part of the transformation of Latin American investor relations.”

Melanie Carpenter, Co-Founder and Managing Director of i-advize, stated, “It’s exciting to renew our web presence and show the world a fresh perspective on i-advize. Next year we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary and we couldn’t be prouder of our team and what our company has accomplished in Latin America. We wish to take this opportunity to thank our clients, some of whom have been with us since our inception, for their loyalty and trust.”

As part of its growth strategy, i-advize seeks to continue expanding its team with experts who complement its service offering. As such, i-advize is pleased to announce the addition of its newest team member and Vice President, Juan Carlos Gomez-Stolk. Juan Carlos was previously VP of Finance at Blackrock as well as a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young, bringing a wealth of experience in financial analysis, accounting advisory and Latin American client service. He has an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a professional certificate in Financial Decision Making from the University of Chicago.

Pixel Siete, one of Mexico’s leading graphic design firms, designed i-advize’s new site and social media apps. Pixel Siete is also one of i-advize’s most important partners.

About i-advize
i-advize Corporate Communications, Inc. is a firm specialized in providing investor relations and financial public relations services to Latin American publicly-traded companies. Established in 2000 and based in New York’s Financial District, i-advize provides a full suite of IR and PR services and products to equity and fixed income issuers in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Panama and Argentina. In addition, the company organizes major corporate events such as Mexico Day at NYSE, Colombia Day at NYSE and company investor days for over 25 companies each year. Learn more at and follow updates on Twitter at @iadvizeIR or on Facebook at /advizeIR.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hispanics Lead Stats In Social Media Usage

The evidence keeps piling up, as more studies confirm that U.S. Hispanics lead the general population in social media, mobile and e-commerce adoption. 

The latest piece of research comes from BIA/Kelsey’s Consumer Commerce Monitor Study, which found that Hispanic consumers are more likely to use social media for local shopping, at least on some platforms.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Powered by Socialmetrix, Latin3 presents Social Lead Generation™, a monitoring solution for sales

Latin3, the Latin Agency of the Digital Era, incorporated Socialmetrix technology to offer a next generation service based on a different way of understanding social networks conversations. Social Lead GenerationTM is the monitoring solution that analyses consumer’s buying needs, with the aim of finding sales opportunities for their clients.

Nowadays, the monitoring Social Buzz tools keep track of consumer’s perception towards brands to detect negative and positive reviews, and obtain qualitative and quantitative information on each comment on social networks, blogs, forums, sites, online reviews and traditional media. Latin3 converted this tool into a Social Lead Generator.

This approach includes a very detailed selection of keywords, references and verticals to monitor, an enumeration of competitive brands, an identification of sites, blogs, forums and fanpages where relevant conversations may occur; all aimed at detecting qualified leads that may have better chance to generate sales.

Latin3 and Socialmetrix linguistics and ontology team carried out the platform technical adequacy to receive not only brand mentions but, and above all, potential business conversations, as these possess a different linguistic structure.

"Latin3 feels proud to have selected Socialmetrix in order to create this partnership, result of a work relationship that has last several years, and for a large number of clients. We really believe these ideas that become products help us identify new customers and generate more sales", Matias Perel, CEO of Latin3, said.

"We are very pleased that Latin3 has selected Socialmetrix to develop this new service, and offer it to their customers and the market in general. Such innovations and results are the evidence that push the industry forward", Martin Enriquez, CEO - Chief Executive Officer of Socialmetrix, stated.

Latin3, the Latin Agency of the Digital Era, partners with brands to empower their business goals by creating meaningful connections with their audiences. Latin3 works with insights to develop ideas that result in higher ROI for its clients. By combining creativity, design, media, technology and communications expertise, Latin3 delivers 360o strategies that include print, ATL, television, websites, social media and digital analytics for the US Hispanic and Latin American markets. Latin3 has offices in US, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Uruguay. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Companies finding larger Latino engagement in Spanish social media

Latinos are the fastest growing segment of the population — and not just Latinos, young Latinos are out-growing their non-Latino counterparts.
And nothing screams youth nowadays more than being active on social media, whether that be the major sites like Facebook or Twitter or the smaller 

One new trend looking to capitalize on this growing online Hispanic presence: Companies using Spanish social media campaigns in order to garner more engagement among Latinos.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twitter continues to expand its advertising platform

August 28, 2012 | By Silvina Moschini

With 140 million users that send more than 400 million messages a day, Twitter is an ideal platform for online positioning of commercial products. Two years ago, the social network started to offer advertising systems that currently provide a possibility of recruiting promoted messages, trends and accounts. Twitter’s commercial offer was initially released in the United States and then in the UK and Japan. Now, the popular micro blogging social network has announced that its advertising platform will be available in Latin America from September 2012 after the agreement with the marketing company IMS, designated to be its regional sales representative.

Therefore, Twitter’s ads will reach the Latin-American market through the company that has already participated in bringing other important online firms into the region such as Netflix. IMS will have exclusive rights to marketing the social network’s products in 40 Latin-American countries and, to that end, will form a sales team, which will focus exclusively on the social network products. The agreement does not include its operation in Brazil, which Twitter will manage directly. In this respect, the CEO of IMS Gastón Taratuta said, “Latin America is one of the markets where Twitter is growing faster and where we already see a significant interest from companies that want to use its promoted products.”

Why Latin America?

Twitter’s expansion to Latin America is one of the fastest in the world. According to comScore, already more than 27 million people in the region use this social network. The same agency says that in 2011, the platform’s penetration into the region has increased by 60%. In addition, according to Semiocast report, Latin America has six countries out of twenty with more Twitter accounts, with Brazil taking the second position worldwide.

As an emerging market, there are no doubts that Latin America is extremely attractive for online projects that go for the maximum effectiveness in terms of resources and results. The truth is the plans of Twitter’s expansion worldwide have become very important in recent months, and not just in advertising. During 2011, the company opened two new offices in the UK and Ireland, and in March 2012 announced it would open new facilities in Berlin. These local branches are in addition to the ones in Japan, where the social network has been present since 2008.

The growth of Twitter and its interest for continued expansion posed a question of what will be its next strategy for business development and if its advertising system will continue to expand into new countries, where it’s presently not available. The truth is that the social network is very quiet about its future plans, but there is no doubt that Twitter’s intention is to keep promoting its advertizing platform, so it will not be surprising that in a short time more of its promotional products will be used worldwide.

About Intuic:
INTUIC | The Social Media Agency, is a multinational interactive marketing agency specializing in online visibility and social media. Founded in 2003 by Silvina Moschini, it makes part of an online visibility corporate group KMGi that runs KMGi Studios,, Publicity Guaranteed, The Syndicated News and All Online Advertisers.
INTUIC is positioned in the market as an innovative and cutting edge agency with knowledge and experience to develop holistic and interactive campaigns in marketing and communications. It has operational headquarters in Mexico, Argentina, USA, Italy, Spain and England with extended support in five additional locations.

About Silvina Moschini 
Silvina Moschini is CEO and founder of Intuic | The Social Media Agency. Being an expert in Social Media Marketing and Online Visibility, she is frequently invited to give her opinion in prestigious media such as CNN and is an ongoing contributor to La Vanguardia. Recently, Silvina has published her first book “Keys to Digital Marketing” available at Amazon. Being born in Argentina, Silvina has developed an important career in the area of corporate communications in companies with global presence, such as Visa International, Compaq Computer Corporation and This led Silvina to extensively travel around the world and settle in Miami and Barcelona. 

Using Mobile for Deeper Reach into Multicultural Audiences

August 28, 2012 | by Tracey Rose, Senior Digital Project Manager, Prime Access

When marketing to African American and Hispanic audiences, authenticity and specificity are key. Campaign tactics must not only be culturally relevant but must also speak to the diversity of demographics within each group. While traditional channels, like broadcast and radio, remain important, digital mediums are becoming increasingly vital to marketers seeking to connect with multicultural audiences and the segments within them.

Nielsen data shows that African American and Hispanic audiences are dynamic and engaged consumers in the digital marketplace. Often early adopters, both audiences have taken to wireless devices in strong numbers, with smartphone adoption among Hispanic and African American mobile subscribers at 50% and above, compared with 45% of the general market. One reason for this is the younger population base of both groups, with Hispanics and African Americans making up a larger percentage of the nation's youth. Also, as wireless devices get cheaper, cost-conscious segments seeking Internet access see these devices as viable alternatives to home broadband setups. As such, African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to access the Internet, send and receive messages via text or email, interact with social media, and produce or publish content using their mobile phones. Both audiences over-index in digital behaviors like tweeting and blogging, and consume more Internet video and mobile video than other markets.

So, we know that multicultural audiences are actively engaged in the mobile space, but where are the advertisers? A recent article in The Atlantic showed that while consumers spend as much as 10% of their media attention on their mobile devices, the medium only makes up 1% of total ad-spend. As multicultural experts, we see this as a lucrative opportunity to build relationships with multicultural consumers. Sure, digital-heavy campaigns can be a tough sell with some clients, but audiences are there, and savvy consumers are using the technology to connect with brands and reap the benefits of special offers. A recent Vision Critical study shows that African American audiences often use their wireless devices to tap online research and social networks for product recommendations before making a purchase. These consumers are also more likely to use their smartphones for comparison price-checking or redeeming e-coupons and online offers on the go. This is also true of Hispanic consumers, who over-index in downloading mobile coupons and sharing those offers with their family and friends through their social networks.

Marketers who can align culturally relevant marketing messages with consumers' natural digital behaviors will have a great advantage here. A good example is Procter & Gamble's Mis Quince, a Hispanic-targeted campaign for Cover Girl that seamlessly integrated culturally relevant messaging with social networking and mobile advertising. The bilingual campaign ran on up to 10 mobile web properties, including Univision and Elle Girl, and was extremely successful at reaching Hispanic consumers in a way that spoke to their multifaceted, bicultural, tech-savvy lifestyles.

Digital and mobile marketing provide ample opportunities to connect with consumers at key moments, with relevant and specific messaging that speaks to consumer needs in seamless and integrated ways. As brand loyalty is extremely high among consumers of color, marketers would do well to use these tools to build sustainable relationships as digital platforms grow and change over time.

SOURCE: PrimeAcces

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Solavei™ DREAM TEAM Targets Hispanic Population with New Website as Pre-Launch Buzz Goes Viral on Facebook & Twitter from California to Puerto Rico 4G Unlimited Cell Plan

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) August 19, 2012 | The Solavei™ DREAM TEAM is pleased to announce the addition of Entrepreneurial brothers from Puerto Rico Alwin Perez and Xavier Omar Perez to the growing DREAM TEAM that has expanded from Hawaii to North Carolina to Florida and beyond.

Alwin Perez reached out to Michael Butler as a result of squeeze page. One of many squeeze pages the DREAM TEAM is utilizing for their growing team which continues to see the ROI with Online Marketing of the Solavei™ product and opportunity.

"I was so thankful to find the Perez brothers. When I talked to Alwin he spoke some English and I spoke some Spanish and the next thing I knew they had created a Facebook Fanpage and launched Solavei™ Puerto Rico Website. We do most of our communicating on Facebook and plan to make a trip to Puerto Rico in 2013 to support the team there," said Butler.

According to the US Census Bureau, "There were an estimated 48.4 million Hispanics in the United States in 2009 making people of Hispanic origin the nation's largest ethnic or race minority. Hispanics constituted 16 percent of the nation's total population. In addition, there are approximately 4 million residents of Puerto Rico, a Carribbean U.S. territory."

Solavei™ is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei's mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day.

Solavei's initial product offering is affordable, no contract, unlimited text, voice and data services throughout the United States. It operates as a MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.

Solavei™ the Company will officially launch September 21 but hopes to have over 20,000 pre-enrolled distributors on the 'World's Largest Webinar' Wednesday August 22nd says Michael D. Butler, Tulsa OK. Founder of the Solavei™ DREAM TEAM, a rapidly growing team using Online Marketing Systems to market phones and find marketing pioneers.

For more information on the Solavei™ DREAM TEAM

SOURCE: Solavei Dream Team

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hispanics Embrace Mobile, Raise Purchasing Power

July 25, 2012 | by Gavin O´Malley

Hispanic consumers are tech trendsetters domestically -- or, at least, that’s how many see themselves, according to comScore and Latin American online media company Terra.

Per the joint report, Hispanics continue to outpace non-Hispanics with the adoption of smartphones -- an increase from 43% in 2010 to 57% in 2012, compared to an increase from 36% in 2010 to 46% in 2012 for non-Hispanics.

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